Contradictions_And_Errors_in_The_Bible_4 👉 41. Did Herod think that Jesus was John the Baptist? Yes (Matthew 14:2; Mark 6:16)No (Luke 9:9) 👉 42. Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus before his baptism? Yes (Matthew 3:13-14)No (John 1:32,33) 👉 43. Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus after his baptism? Yes (John 1:32, 33)No (Matthew 11:2) 👉 44. Accordingمتابعة قراءة “#Contradictions_And_Errors_in_The_Bible_4”


🍃 #Biblical_Teachings_Women_Love_to_Hate 🔸Eve’s punishment for eating the forbidden fruit: 👉 “In pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” Genesis 3:16 🌹In #Islam, if a woman dies with a child in her womb, or she dies during childbirth or after childbirth but withinمتابعة قراءة “Biblical_Teachings_Women_Love_to_Hate”


CHRISTIAN_SCHOLARS_RECOGNIZE_CONTRADICTIONS_IN_THE_BIBLE_2 🔸Dr. W Graham Scroggie of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, a prestigious Christian evangelical mission, says: 👉 “..Yes, the Bible is human, although some out of zeal which is not according to knowledge, have denied this. Those books have passed through the minds of men, are written in the language of men, were pennedمتابعة قراءة “#CHRISTIAN_SCHOLARS_RECOGNIZE_CONTRADICTIONS_IN_THE_BIBLE_2”


#WORD_OF_GOD_BECAME_FLESH. ITS TRUE.NOT ONLY WORD OF GOD BECAME FLESH. BUT IT ALSO BECAME EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE!!!👉 ◄ Psalm 33:6 ► SUM PIC XRF DEV New International VersionBy the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.👉 New Living TranslationThe LORD merely spoke, and the heavensمتابعة قراءة “#WORD_OF_GOD_BECAME_FLESH”


CHRISTIAN_SCHOLARS_RECOGNIZE_CONTRADICTIONS_IN_THE_BIBLE 🔸Dr. Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin Von Tischendorf, one of the most adamant conservative Christian defenders of the Trinity was himself driven to admit that: 👉 “[the New Testament had] in many passages undergone such serious modification of meaning as to leave us in painful uncertainty as to what the Apostles had actually written” [Secrets ofمتابعة قراءة “#CHRISTIAN_SCHOLARS_RECOGNIZE_CONTRADICTIONS_IN_THE_BIBLE”


#Contradictions_And_Errors_in_The_Bible_3👉 21. How many were the children of Bethel and Ai?Two hundred and twenty-three (Ezra 2:28)One hundred and twenty-three (Nehemiah 7:32)👉 22. Ezra 2:64 and Nehemiah 7:66 agree that the total number of the whole assembly was 42,360. Yet the numbers do not add up to anything close. The totals obtained from each book isمتابعة قراءة “#Contradictions_And_Errors_in_The_Bible_3”


The_Doctrine_of_Atonement_and_original_Sin ✴️The redemption of sin through the crucifixion of Jesus was not part of Jesus’ teaching But its a doctrine which was accepted by the Church three or four centuries after Jesus left the earth. It contradicts the Bible, as the following passages show: 🔸Deuteronomy 24:16: “The fathers shall not be put to death forمتابعة قراءة “#The_Doctrine_of_Atonement_and_original_Sin”


🍃 #Destroying_crucifixion 1️⃣ #Allah is the owner of the true justice so he does not punish any one for others sins even people don’t do thisas the law punish only the criminal because if we punish the innocent this will be the top of injustice. 👉 20 The one who sins is the one whoمتابعة قراءة “#Destroying_crucifixion”


Dr_Zakir_Naik_explains_im_the_way 🍃 John 14:6 👉 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me [Dr. Zakir Naik] 🔸This verse surprisingly goes very much with the oneness of God and shows that #Jesus is the messenger Not God . ✴️ Now to understand thisمتابعة قراءة “#Dr_Zakir_Naik_explains_im_the_way”


#Noah_in_Islam_and_Christianity🍃 The Greatest #Prophets between #Christianity and #Islam : Prophet #Noah🔸While both Christianity and Islam agree on honoring and praising this great prophet, Christianity, unfortunately, ascribes to him such sins which cannot be attributed to the godly out of the ordinary people not to mention the prophets of God.✴️ we notice that the Bible claimsمتابعة قراءة “#Noah_in_Islam_and_Christianity”

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